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Long on contacts? Short on time?
Looking for a passive income stream?

Are you a full time affiliate marketer? Or just simply looking to leverage a particular introduction opportunity? If this sounds like you, check out the Burst SMS Affiliate Referral program and see how you can convert your contacts into $'s

Getting started

Its as simple as registering for a Burst SMS account, then any clients you introduce to us via a dedicated registration URL will be linked to your account. Thats it.

Our payout rate is 5% of referred client credit top ups. For example, if you refer a client, lets call them ABC Ltd. You sign up ABC ltd to the Burst SMS platform via your dedicated URL. ABC Ltd then Top up their account with $1000, and we credit your account with $50 then and there. Whats more, we handle all the account management and tech support, so all you need to is sit back and enjoy the referral cash.

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All you need to do

No more client follow up required, no more ongoing client service required, no tech support, no billing and messaging issues.

a) Sign up for an account.
b) Visit the Billing or Settings pages to retrieve your dedicated URL
c) Introduce and sign up your contacts to Burst SMS on your dedicated URL, and most importantly...
d) Sit back and relax

We have referrers earning hundreds of dollars per month from our program, so why not get involved and get earning.

SMS Affiliate Earnings

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