Burst SMS is a trusted provider of some of the world’s largest enterprise businesses and government organisations. We provide intuitive Enterprise SMS services, which are specially designed for businesses to apply to their processes within minutes. Our SMS services are designed to be easily managed, tracked, and automated. We also offer multiple customer support channels (live chat, phone, Skype, Facebook chat, email, and quick tickets). Our comprehensive support portal has step-by-step tutorials to help you get started in just a few minutes.

  • SMS Automation - Automate your workflow, or create sophisticated recurring sequences with our advanced automation platform - the Sequencer
  • Campaign Manager - Get all your account activity and reporting information in real time
  • Ordering and Delivery - Let your customers know when their orders are placed, packed, and delivered through SMS
  • SMS Security and Identification - Send verification codes and one time passwords
  • Sub Accounts - Set up as many user accounts as you need, and assign different permissions to each user. You can also customise your dashboard with your own brand creatives.