Although Long Codes are available upon request, every text message is sent through an easy to remember Short Code on the Burst SMS platform. All monthly packages also include at least 2 unique SMS Keywords.

Short Codes vs Long Codes

Short Codes are easy to remember virtual numbers which are usually 5-6 digits long, such as 44696 for example. They are perfect for sending out large campaigns, since there is no sending or receiving limit on Short Codes.

Long Codes have a more traditional appearance, and may appear to look like 225 800 8021 for example. Although they are popular for smaller local campaigns, they are not ideal for bulk senders since they are restricted to 500 SMS per day.

Dedicated Short Codes

The default option for all our SMS services is via a Shared Short Code, however if you would like your own Dedicated Short Code - please contact us directly.

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