Enable developers and engineers to send and receive SMS from the application of their choice with our easy to integrate SMS API. Receive inbound text messages along with delivery reports through the callback system. Popular functions include: creating lists, leasing numbers, setting up keywords, and scheduling messages.

Dedicated Servers

Performance and reliability is something we take very seriously. That’s why our flexible SMS API suite runs on it’s own dedicated server. Messages can be sent quickly since the SMS API servers do not share resources with the Bulk SMS Gateway.

Full Documentation

Step-by-step documentation is available for PHP, Ruby, and .NET. Scroll down to view the libraries below.

Quick Integrations

View our list of direct integrations here, or try our Zapier SMS integrations which connect to 1,000+ of the best applications. Popular integrations include: Campaign Manager, Facebook, Google Calendar, MailChimp, SalesForce, Slack, Stripe, Woocommerce, and Zendesk.