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SMS for Software Providers

Easily integrate SMS into your existing software with our powerful and cost-effective bulk sms solution.

SMS for Software Providers
SMS & Tech: A Match Made In The Cloud image

SMS & Tech: A Match Made In The Cloud

Build Better User Experiences
Omnichannel communication increases engagement and adoption. Get a jump on your competition by adding SMS capability.
They’ll Get The Message. Every Time.
Our bulk SMS sender software has a 100% delivery rate guarantee, so your users won’t miss important notifications and communication.
24/7 Worldwide Developer Support
When your product doesn’t work as expected, the ripple effects can have a huge impact on your business. Our developer support team is available 24/7 to handle bugs or issues.
Our Approach to Sending and Receiving Your Messages image

Our Approach to Sending and Receiving Your Messages

High Performance Bulk SMS Gateway
Our SMS Gateway API is available for software platforms that require high-speed service with end-to-end reliability, enterprise security and full customization.
Codeless Integration
No code, no problem. Burst SMS integrates with apps like Zapier, allowing you to add simple SMS functionality to your software without the need for custom code.
Need extra features that an existing integration can’t handle? Plug in to our REST API. Implementation is quick and easy with our step-by-step documentation, and we’re always here to help.

SMS for Technology & SaaS

SAAS App Alerts

SMS text alerts and notifications are an excellent way to connect with customers on important matters and time sensitive offers.

[Business] - Low balance warning

Your account currently only has [CreditBalance]. Please top-up here to avoid any service disruptions: [Website]

2 Factor Authentication

Protect user privacy and your reputation with SMS verification and secure login for websites, apps, and software.

Your validation code for [Service] is:


This code will expire in 30 mins.

Security Alerts

Warn users of unfamiliar logins or other potential threats. Text alerts can immediately notify the account holder to take immediate action to secure their account if necessary.

[Business] Alert: [Date][Time] - Status of [Server Name]: [Status]. Ping timed out.


Dev12: All servers live now.

Burst SMS Integrates Seamlessly with…

Why Burst SMS for
Software Providers

100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee icon
100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee

All messages are sent through ON-NET connections to local carriers. No grey routing.

Virtual Mobile Numbers icon
Virtual Mobile Numbers
Get access to high-quality bulk SMS numbers to maintain brand consistency and recognition.
24/7 x 365 Support icon
24/7 x 365 Support
Get world-class support around the clock. Our team of messaging experts are here to help.
Feature-rich icon
From our flexible SMS API and integrations to email to SMS and quick SMS, see why 35,000+ businesses choose burst for SMS advertising.
No Contracts icon
No Contracts
Our bulk SMS service is prepaid. No need to worry about monthly contracts or commitments.
Ease of Use icon
Ease of Use

All our SMS solutions are designed to be easy to use. Choose from an intuitive web interface, REST SMS API, or an extensive selection of integrations to connect with your pre-existing tech stack.

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